June/July  2011

Start on main station


Well Getting along, Third Rail added in most of one side of main station and one platform finished with people and lights. Ebay has lots of Chinese sellers selling model people and led's in bulk. I have used the warm led's and the lamps are not SR type - but at $10 for 10 I can live with that - MAKE SURE YOU GET THE WARM LED'S TYPES ONLY  the normal ones are to white.

I will be working on this end of the station to finish the other two platforms off - then either the other end of the main station (which i can not decide about final track layout), or I will be doing the Loco yard if Bachman have made their 4 road engine shed by then.

Have to make a confession - I just brought the new MTH Duchess and MK1 coaches in O GAUGE. Great model (wish it was a West Country) but really let down by attention to detail. But nothing we can not fix, decal jobs etc. Don't have plans to add O gauge - just love the model. MTH manufacture G and O gauge trains and they added some European items to their O Gauge range recently, in 3 rail and fine scale 2 rail.

I must again take my hat off to Bachman for producing these wonderful models for the EMU nuts like myself over the last few years, thanks. Not forgetting the wonderful service from Hattons.

MY SOAP BOX ITEM:  Why do we need a 21 pin dcc socket - are we planning to add phone interface with railway applications galore on our phones!!?

Enough typing, the poor suffering commuters I just stuck in my EPB with super glue are waiting to have the draught proof body replaced. Hope you enjoy the pics



 Schools awaiting road with some authentic posters and some NOT authentic.

Schools "St Lawrence" awaiting the arrival of signals!!

EPB at Station Lights added. and ONE signal View looking from Main station Building
Feel the draught BRRR One signal added for freight coming up from yard on rear track crossing to up lines at this point  -also notice the little station signs on lamps  - it's little details that makes it, if you ever seen Penden Museum railway you will know what I mean.
O gauge above the railway - no plans to run it round garage yet! 3 Emus in station
Nonsuch city railway Awaiting signals!!!